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19 Feb

Succession Planning is Key to Survival for BSCs

You might be surprised to find the topic of succession planning on the blog of a floor care equipment company. However, recent events at our own company reminded us of the importance of this topic for all businesses. Tacony Corporation, our parent company, recently went through a leadership transition that was announced this January. Tacony’s

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02 Feb

Five Steps to Improve Winter Floor Care

by Tornado Industries, Inc. In many parts of the country, the winter months present special floor-care challenges. Snow and the products used to keep it off pavement tracked into and around buildings, and the increased moisture creates mud that can be carried on the soles of shoes. A proper winter-floor care program requires a lot

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28 Jan

Marketing Made Easy: 6 Ideas You Can Implement Quickly

by Tornado Industries, Inc. Don’t have a marketing department? Don’t worry. There are plenty of tactics anyone can employ with limited skills and without a major investment of time or money. Even novices can implement these 6 cheap and easy marketing ideas before the end of the month. 1. Write Great Content. Even if you’re

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03 Dec

Winter-Proof Your Business: 5 Tips for Beating a Slow Season

by Sean Martschinke, Marketing Manager, Tornado Industries It’s December and that means the holiday season is nearly here. Many BSCs say sales during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day become sluggish or, for some, completely stalled. The phones stop ringing, employees go on vacation, and the office gets eerily silent. Although the winter slump

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06 Oct

Take the Guesswork Out of Estimating Cleaning Budgets

By Michael Schaffer Estimating by Eyeballing: A Thing of the Past With studies suggesting that cleaning consumes 20 to 35 percent of an average facilities total maintenance and operations budget, it is amazing that many industry veterans still believe it is okay to eyeball a building and proclaim how many hours it will take to

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Four steps to a clean facility, restaurant
29 Sep

How Facility Cleanliness Affects A Company’s Reputation

You get ONE chance to make a first impression. What message is your facility sending if muddy carpets, streaked windows, or a dusty reception desk greet customers? Facility cleanliness is a reflection of the business as a whole, as well as the cleaning crew responsible for its upkeep. “Dirty floors and bad odors don’t give

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01 Apr

Take Care of Your Customers or Somebody Else Will

Keeping customers happy is something that most businesses obviously strive for. In today’s world economy and in the age of information, accomplishing that is more difficult that it has ever been. The Internet and other resources have allowed all of us to become better-educated consumers, changing the definition of customer service. In addition, companies like

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03 Feb

Moving From Good to Great in the Contract Cleaning Industry

In the early 2000s Jim Collins wrote the book, Good to Great, which became a bestseller read by businesspeople around the world. Yet, despite books like his and others that serve as roadmaps to the top, greatness eludes most companies. Mr. Collins and his research team studied over 1,400 companies, and have said, “In each

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