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appId : '127538621120543', Again, thanks forever. After her ordeal tonight, Eun-jo orders her mother out, screaming in frustration when her mother ignores her. thanks again! Report. we get to see his smart and strong intellect. Kau akan tutup mulut. @24 starlighttears: We sure did!\r\rGive this video a big LIKE if you thought it funny! No human is perfect and everyone has a bad side and it depends on how you see it who is the villain and who is the hero/in. What should he ask for? But so what?”. Kids doing makeup is all about FUN! If you disagree with the following, that’s cool, but as for me: I find Eun-jo is eminently relatable. Cuz you know I'll be watching (and reading) till the (most likely) bitter end. And in the beginning of the series, she was able to cook meals, and the living situation didn't seem incredibly dire as if they're living on the streets, and the drunk man clearly loved the mother at some point in his life, with the ring and all. I’ll treat you well.”. So I wondered if part of Eun jo's tears were the result of consciously knowing that if she had let him crash the party, and she and her mother would go back to their original lives. User Rating. As Eun-jo studies, Ki-hoon’s voice intrudes on her thoughts. "Eun-Jo Ah".. She's been through hard times for her age, and trusting anyone has proven to be a disappointment for her. Eun-jo can’t tell him she’s worried about him, but he seems to sense it anyway and repeats, “Don’t worry.” With a last small smile, he drives off. the spanish thing Plus Chun Jung-myung is adorable. READ REPORT ERROR REPORT DMCA. She gives us hope that someone out there will see the real us despite the way the world misinterprets our behavior, and who finds enough value there at the core to try to connect even when our pride puts up that wall. " It's a harsh wake-up call, usually missing from stereotypical Korean dramas, that life is not all sugar and spice as we wish it were. Even so, the complexities leave room for a sense of humor. When he stumbles and falls over a rock, she looks back momentarily but keeps walking on. Season 1 Episode 5 20m. }); I love Cinderella's Sister. We will show you how to do this really funny ugly step sister makeup and hair! This Cinderella UGLY step sisters costume is such a FUNNY video! Knowing that no place would be home for long, Eun … Eun-jo challenges, “No matter what I have, you can like me through the end?” Hyo-sun promises that she can. So at the end of the episode, it’s a relief to have Hyo-sun fighting back — it relieves that guilt. Their situation was the status quo, it was within her comfort range. But you hate me. Eun Jo starts opening up a bit just to have her world come crashing down. Kumpulan Sinopsis Drama, drama korea, china, taiwan, jepang, sinetron, acara tv, serial televisi, telenovela, film, daftar pemain, biodata artis korea It's as though she's using the excuse of being misunderstood by the world to justify her actions - that because she is misunderstood she should start hating, and because she hates, people should hate her back - instead of trying to fix other people's misconceptions. Working up the courage, she asks if Eun-jo can come see her, and gets back an immediate no. Although he has never placed any great expectation for affection from this man, he is bitter in his response: “I almost believed you for a moment when you said, ‘I need you. Step-Brother Gives Step-Sister Sex Tips. Unlike the other dramas, albeit all fun and good or light and enjoyable, CS establishes a connection between the characters and the viewers, portraying the characters in a way where their emotions and thoughts parallel our own. On the way to school, Hyo-sun hesitantly brings up her upcoming dance competition. But instead, he’s a lowlife gambling drunk “whose body and heart are rotten.” The sharpness of these words finally cuts through his drunken haze, and he mumbles, “Stop it.”. Everything about this drama has captured my heart. On the upside, I like how things are developing between Ki-hoon and Eun-jo. MGY carries her character with this depth that i don't find her spitefulness baseless at all. As Eun-jo watches from a distance, Hyo-sun approaches to offer one of two gifts she is holding. The sound of men’s voices makes Eun-jo tense, and she claps a hand over Jang’s mouth to silence him. I really want Eun Jo + Ki Hoon to be together (I know, it's just a drama and not real life but still!). Also, Eun-jo is uncomfortable with the idea that Hyo-sun likes her when she dislikes her back — it makes her the bad guy. thank you a lot of point you stated make me understand the whole story a lot better.. eunjoo ya.... maybe it's in the tone he uses to call her.. I don’t think Kang-sook’s reason for treating Hyo-sun nicely is purely calculated, but I think that her bonding sessions are her way of “earning her keep.” A large reason Dae-sung married her was after seeing his daughter taking to her so well, so it’s up to her to maintain that. — and asks what she wants. After making his delivery, Ki-hoon finds Eun-jo in front of the house, staring: Jang is passed out in a heap by his truck. gah, thank you so much for reaffirming my thoughts about EJ and the drama in general. It’s an emotional breakthrough for her, and all because of a simple matter of him calling her name. After Ki-hoon steps out, Eun-jo tells Jang that Kang-sook is out of his life now — he’d better get over it. Tutoring sessions are the only time Eun-jo shows him any respect, and he doesn’t want to be found out as a fraud. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page There, she’s made her point that Hyo-sun was fooling herself. It’s like Kang-sook is pleased to live out this fantasy as someone’s devoted wife and loving mother. i would love to think everyone has gone through their teenage years with at least a lil' bit of angst - i'm not even in my teens anymore yet i can still act bitter like EunJo out of no reason (PMS being the all-too-often excuse). unquote, Sorry, forgot how to ital but I totally AGREE with you! Thankfully, Ki-hoon is waiting outside and intervenes, volunteering to deliver the wine to them. I’m not saying she’s going to be running to Ushuaia anytime soon, just that she’s giving him the tools to figure her out without realizing it. Nonton Cinderella’s Sister (Episode 1) Subtitle Indonesia Drama Korea "Cinderella's Sister" bercerita Song Eun-jo (Moon Geun Young), yang selama ini tinggal dengan ibunya (dan juga kekasih ibunya), akhirnya mendapat keluarga baru dan rumah setelah ibunya menikah lagi dengan seorang pria kaya yang memiliki sejenis usaha anggur tradisional. maybe so do lots of people, and i'm just not aware of it. Synopsis. She pops back up instantly, trying to save face, and continues on. If you don’t, you’re a lowlife who just came for money.” She’s unable to stop a tear from falling down her cheek. Correct me if you think I'm wrong, but she had to ask her to repeat what Hyo Sun said even though you know she could tell it was something derogatory and though she suspected HyoSun she never thought that Hyo Sun would actually turn on her. 8:55. You couldn’t use “ya” to address someone older than you. It’s her lack of expression at feeling pain that he can’t fathom. Don’t try to hide that you have a heart, you big softie! Anyway, Hyo-sun's "꺼져" made me smile, like Hyo-sun was finally fleshing out into a real character. Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 View all. this is such a beautiful new retelling of the story and I love it. Cinderellas Sister - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List of Episodes - Crunchyroll Drama: Cinderella’s Stepsister (English title) / Cinderella’s Sister (literal title) Revised romanization: Sinderella Eonni Hangul: 신데렐라 언니 Director: Kim Young-Jo, Kim Won-Suk Writer: Kim Kyu-Wan Producer: Moon Joon-Ha Network: KBS2 Episodes: 20 Release Date: March 31 – June 3, 2010 Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. // Load the SDK asynchronously She sees the card in the bouquet, and starts to read it. And thanks so much for your indepth comments. Eun-jo stays up that night waiting for Ki-hoon to return home. Plainly put, there’s nothing terribly significant about Ki-hoon calling her “Eun-jo ya.” One could argue that it implies closeness, because the suffix “ya” is the casual way of calling someone’s name — someone your age or younger, with whom you are on somewhat familiar terms. I bet she likes that vision of herself better than the one Eun-jo reflects — the one that shows her in the harsh light of reality without any fancy mirror tricks. Symbolic? I'd like to think, since eun jo is a very smart girl, that a million thoughts are crossing her brain when that happened. She’ll do it! i love this show so much, and i love eun jo so much as well Cendrillon Titre original: Cendrillon ( Film ) Cendrillon 05 July 2011. I love you!”. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I wasn't sure exactly how to interpret her crying. Dan nomer empat – Ki-hoon akan memberitahukan nomer empat pada Eun-jo kalau Eun-jo masih melihat wajah Ki-hoon setelah semuanya berakhir. i like the yesung track, but my gripe with it is that it doesn't seem to fit with the other instrumental tracks, or the drama's overall feel. Like so many have said before, I don't think Hyo-sun is a fake person, at least not in the way people think. this drama somehow exhausts me at the same time where i'm crying and laughing with the rest of the cast. and secondly with your comment about eun jo - i agree she represents us who want to be understood. Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 … If you disagree with the following, that’s cool, but as for me: I invasively relate to her character in its totality being a real thing as a being. im in love with her acting after ep3, CS is the one i'm looking forward to more than PT. Surprised, relieved, nervous, Eun-jo thinks to herself, “He’s here.” And then he smiles at her and she thinks, “He’s smiling.” Simple words, but they carry the weight of a revelation. Kids doing makeup is all about FUN! Thank you. Ironically, she’s just setting this up so that nobody would be able to find her EXCEPT for the one guy who will become the one most determined to track her down. In another episode, she and other courtesans are made to attend a feast hosted by Persian regent Cyrus the Younger. !\r\remail: … I could be going crazy here... but I feel like attributing the tears and the shaking and very upset nature of her reaction to being alone with drunk man ONLY is a bit of an over reaction. So be silly and have fun! She gives up trying and heads outside again. i can relate to eunjo so well. the actors are absolutely incredible the way they portray these characters is amazing. He recognizes that Hyo-sun has been doing her share in harassing Eun-jo and tells Kang-sook, “I was embarrassed and upset. i sooo love this drama. Cinderella's Sister) is a 2010 South Korean television series, starring Moon Geun-young, Chun Jung-myung, Seo Woo, and Ok Taecyeon of 2PM in his acting debut. x]. Miserable, he cries as he sings along with Kang-sook — it’s a song he taught her, he explains. Thanks. Cinderella’s Sister is off to a strong start, not just in ratings but with some really stellar characterizations. i'm sure i'm not the only one who can relate to a girl jealous of her mother doting on a "younger" sibling, and that's why i love this drama so much. it wasn't overdone, like you said. He comes inside to grab a cask, then warns Eun-jo not to stay in this room for too long, lest they be discovered. She says with fake cheer that that it’s okay — Dong-soo (the boy who told her to stop texting) has been acting nicer to her now, and when she told him about her competition, he said he’d make it. 8 years fly by in the blink of an eye and, what’s this!? Returning to her room, Eun-jo checks a voicemail message on her phone, which immediately darkens her mood. Like my best of friends remind me, "forget what others mystify you as being and keep going on with your life," and so I have and never looked back. I’m hungry.” Potentially comic words are actually quite telling of his emotional state — i.e, his emotional hunger. I had an hour long conversation about it today with another friend. Or maybe he should let them pay him off handsomely in exchange for his silence. oh, a few things i forgot to say that i wanted to She warns him not to come back until he can bring Kang-sook these things: “If you don’t show up, I’ll believe that you loved my mother. She looks at Ki-hoon closely, noticing that one of his socks is loose. Download the latest version. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Drama: Cinderella's Stepsister (English title) / Cinderella's Sister (literal title) Revised romanization: Sinderella Eonni Hangul: 신데렐라 언니 Director: Kim Young-Jo, Kim Won-Suk Writer: Kim Kyu-Wan Network: KBS2 Episodes: 20 Release Date: March 31 - June 3, 2010 Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. She cries that she can feel the judging eyes of others, and that people (like uncle and the ajummas) give her dirty looks and think she’s just a lowly widow who wormed her way in. A young girl who lives with her cruel stepmother and sister, accidentally meets 3 young and rich cousins who live a luxury life in a big mansion and is hired by the boys grandpa to look after their bad behavior. User Rating. I did not intend to start watching it, but I've fallen deep. For the most part, I think she's pretty cool. There’s no reason to, so how could you?”, Hyo-sun says, “But I really do.” Eun-jo can’t believe that, and says, “It’s much more natural to dislike me. Finally he decides he’s had enough and stumbles off, and only now does she allow herself to tremble in fear and relief. I hope you get around to ep 4 because I'm dying for your take on things If it makes you happy, I can do anything — just not hate you. js = d.createElement(s); = id; But still, he doesn’t come, and finally she heads back indoors, leaving the gate slightly ajar so he can make his way inside. This drama's pretty serious and throwing in the CG effects looks haphazard. 21:55 Synopsis. Download Drama Korea Cinderellas Sister Episode 3 Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Drama Korea Cinderellas Sister Episode 3 hardsub indonesia, sub indo, nonton drama korea online, nonton film korea online free download, download Cinderellas Sister Episode 3 full episode, lengkap, gratis , 2010,drama korea,melodrama,romance He’s a youngest son, but he’s also illegitimate and has been disowned by the Hong family. Current user rating: 92 (1756 votes) Profile. the heroine/main girl is showing emotions with ease and natural when she was like, lets go onto lesson two, his response made me laugh An intriguing mix of tomboyish athleticism and physical beauty, she has more than enough charm to capture the heart of a prince ... after beaning him with an apple. We sure did!\r\rGive this video a big LIKE if you thought it funny! With some effort, Ki-hoon catches up to her and notices that her knee is bleeding profusely — the rock has cut a huge gash in her leg. You probably hate me harping on this, don’t you? Sinopsis drama korea cinderella stepsister episode 3-4 Eun Jo, in a bad mood, antagonizes everyone around her leading to disaster. I know I shouldn't be so idealistic as to believe that perhaps his father truly did love his mother (thus further inciting the fury of his "wife"), but this father doesn't give a crap about his illegitimate son - other than to use him to bring down his wife and his eldest son. quote "I also suspect that Kang-sook finds Hyo-sun easier to treat nicely than her own daughter, so she prefers to maintain this illusion of doting mother rather than work on the relationship with Eun-jo. It settles on the sand, unnoticed. You have to at least see Chun Jung Myung's "Hansel & Gretel" movie. I tend to stray away from melodrama but I am watching with rapture. When dawn breaks, she is still awake, not having slept all night. i also think the significance of eun jo ya is that very few people call her by her name in a casual, happy way, maybe dae-sung, but that is fatherly, but no one else does- if her mum says it it is angry, hyo sun calls her unni, jung woo calls her noona eun joo calls ki-hoon by her name and ki-hoon sees eun-joo as like him. Eun-jo speaks harshly, trying to drive the point home to Jang: he doesn’t have any of this — a grand house, a large family, status. That night, Ki-hoon starts to study Spanish on his own, trying to learn enough to teach Eun-jo without giving himself away. If anything I hated the end of ep 4, I'll leave it at that for those who haven't seen it. :-). She whips Lucas’s dick out to give him a handie that leads to a deep throat BJ. Get lost.”. When I watched this episode, people kept arguing that they couldn't handle Eun Jo's bad attitude anymore. Some because may go "f&$# you and f&$# this world!" (To Eun-jo, asking Ki-hoon for Spanish help is a necessary evil, and she figures that nobody will be able to find her if she runs for Ushuaia. I love the touches of whimsy here and there, in the music and in Eun-jo's imagination, because they give me hope that everything will turn out just fine. I heart this drama lots- love love love. The reason? It’s a sweet gesture, but unsurprisingly Eun-jo rejects it. Her eyes fill ever so slightly with moisture and she thinks, “He called me ‘Eun-jo ya.’”, Ki-hoon tells her to come over, but she stands unmoving, thinking again, “He called me ‘Eun-jo ya.’”, Unaware of how very much she feels his presence, Ki-hoon misreads her non-response as disinterest and mutters in dissatisfaction, even as she revels one more time, “He called me ‘Eun-jo ya.’”, Thinking she’s not going to come to him, he walks over to her, stumbling at the last moment. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Okies thats it for me. More with Ki Hoon’s family drama and inheritance issues. Lucas Frost and his stepsister Kenzie Reeves seem to have similar taste in girls. Nervous that he’ll be caught and angry that he came here to crash the party, Eun-jo drags him away, just as Ki-hoon comes up to them. Eun-jo confirms that Hyo-sun’s uncle gave him the address, and takes out her agitation on him. Curtly, Eun-jo tells him to forget it and turns back to await her lesson expectantly. As for her mother, her seeing her mom with Hyo Sun, everyones just saying its outright jealousy, but i dont think its that simple. Don't have time to savor this recap yet but quickly scroll down to read your comments. i am patently obsessed with this drama. I believe that Hyo-sun is being sincere in her overtures, so it’s interesting that Eun-jo views her motives suspiciously, not believing that her kindness is real, though Dae-sung has (somewhat) earned her trust. That film was extraordinary then for having multiple scenes and a semblance of a narrative; additionally, the use of dissolves as transitions in it influenced other filmmakers for years to do the same. She reaches out to steady him, thinking, “He called me ‘Eun-jo ya.’”, Ki-hoon leans into her, wearing a stricken expression on his face, and says, “Eun-jo. 3). Ki-hoon perks up at her interest and explains that it’s a Spanish song. As harsh as the joke was, Eun-jo is content to use it to make her point and let it end here. They discover when Kenzie invites her friend and crush, Vanna Bardot, over. I know. She doesn't have to act all good-girly on them, but she can also not do more things that affirm those misconceptions... (like, why is she aggravating the situation!?). Liu Yu woke up and discovered that she had transmigrated into the novel she read before she went to sleep.She became the vicious stepsister of Cinderella, the protagonist. Eun-jo calls Jung-woo to let him know that someone is driving Jang ajusshi home, and asks him to call her when Ki-hoon leaves. Kumpulan Sinopsis Film, drama korea, china, taiwan, jepang, sinetron, acara tv, serial televisi, telenovela, review, daftar pemain, biodata artis Drama: Cinderella’s Stepsister (English title) / Cinderella’s Sister (literal title) Revised romanization: Sinderella Eonni Hangul: 신데렐라 언니 Director: Kim Young-Jo, Kim Won-Suk Writer: Kim Kyu-Wan Producer: Moon Joon-Ha Network: KBS2 Episodes: 20 Release Date: March 31 – June 3, 2010 Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. It may seem inconsistent that she’s been fine hurting Hyo-sun’s feelings all along but feels bad now, but the difference is that this time the hurt inflicted isn’t the hurt intended, if that makes sense. Interesting that even with a shared dislike of Ki-hoon, both spouses are also at odds with each other. These 3 words slayed me. Just then, Hyo-sun storms back into the room. The chemistry between Eun-jo and Ki-hoon is mesmerizing. Holy shit !...there were only 4 comments when i started reading when i refreshed right after there were 44 comments. I feel so bad for Hyo Sun, and like Eun Jo, I was relieved when Hyo Sun started fighting back.. although I'm not liking the way she fights back in episode 4. This scene was the highlight of the this drama so far. the scene where she was "packing" her suitcase was a surprise, but a nice one. Eun-jo keeps a blank expression on her face while a doctor disinfects her injury, then stitches it up. I do think a huge part of her behavior is a facade - but a facade that has become a part of her due to long years of habitual behavior. Would it be too maddening to answer “Nothing, and therefore everything”? Eun-jo doesn’t say a word, but he assures her it’ll be fine — he’ll take the last train home and make it back by morning. js = d.createElement(s); = id; But your recap gives me more insights and things to think about that never would have occurred to me otherwise. She couldn't win. I liked it a lot- and I loved how her relationship with Ki Hoon is moving forward. Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 1 by javabeans. and ki hoon is just utterly adorable and i love them together Shocked at the extent of the injury, Ki-hoon exclaims that it must hurt. and that scene did break my heart a little, it was so so sweet like she knows her mother for what she is and to see her acting affection while knowing its fake is especially harder. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access I have to say, I relate with Eun-jo so much and I like her character. Fighting!". scott kilgour. You don’t like me either, do you? Current user rating: 92 (1756 votes) Profile. Who DIDN'T fall in love with this scene? She wants to be close to him in this moment, and for once she’s not fighting herself and trying to close off this new feeling with ironic eye-rolls. She had to consciously make the decision to sacrifice her possible road to freedom in exchange for her mom's happiness. Redolgriks. i can't wait for recap of episode 4. With Geun-young Moon, Seo-woo Eun, Jeong-myeong Cheon, Mi-sook Lee. When Eun jo was living with the drunk man, the mother and her were just "normal"... in their own way. Prince Francis intends to discard me soon, so I suppose he thinks it’s useless to give me a royal education. I pray that her and Ki Hoon end up together, they can't give us hope and totally destroy it. thanks again jb! Playing next. would be a nice *upbeat* counterpart to "Cinderella's Sister." I just felt really angry about something, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what.”. I'm almost thinking that she MIGHT just have some feelings for the drunk man? You can’t like me. Cinderellas Sister Forum de discussion - Crunchyroll ... plots revenge against her evil stepsister, Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young) for years of pain and suffering. }; He fights his tears — one falls — and says, “I’m starving to death.”. I love guess recappers but I always know when your the one writing :) Other Episodes. FB.init({ All the while, she thinks to herself — and even her inner voice seems softer now — “He called me ‘Eun-jo ya’… He called me ‘Eun-jo ya.’” As though the repetition makes it more true. You are extremely talented. One, when Ki-hoon told his father, "For a moment there, I actually nearly believed you." As always. Likes. It’s like Kang-sook is pleased to live out this fantasy as someone’s devoted wife and loving mother. Vanna wants more, so she and Lucas sneak out of the kitchen while hot step-sister back is turned. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but since I have watched ep 4, the beginning Eun Jo is acting a little more chastened and doesnt seem to have the all consuming power that she used to when Hyo Sun was trying to cater to everything for her - and she even has a bit of a defensive tone? Thank you so much for the recap! // Load the SDK asynchronously As for that Ki Hoon and Eun Jo hunger scene it was PERFECT and totally agree with you. Directed by Gavin Millar. i think it is the first time someone has addressed her so happily and sincerely with her own name, but that is just my take Prior to the drama’s premiere I had guessed it would be high-quality, … Continue reading "Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 3" One of my other favorite parts was when the drunk ahjusshi starts crying and whispers that it was the song he taught Kang Sook- I wasn't sure how I felt about him, but I do truly think that he loves Kang Sook in his own odd, drunken way. They’d all prefer he dropped off the face of the earth, because that would make life easier for them. at times it can feel too loud and obnoxious. (melting) His tone is bitter at this fresh reopening of old wounds, and he takes swigs from the bottle of soju he has brought (which is a common offering to the dead). I want to see you last the distance <333. Browse more videos. September 12th, 2017 Views: 1229979 Starring: Elsa Jean. i agree that she's trying to protect her mother's new life but i also think that she did feel a little bit of sympathy for the guy. She knows what she wants and for the most part, knows how to get it. S1 E2 20m. Great recap! awww Eun-Ju (Moon Geun-Young), who lost her father many years ago, finally moves gets a new family home when her mother remarries. and he just keeps staying up late and studying for the pure purpose of not telling her he doesnt speak spanish and losing face Eun-jo returns, “You’re fooling yourself” and tells Hyo-sun to think carefully. Enter the hateful stepmother, who tells Ki-hoon to show some respect — they’ve done so much for him. Ironically, despite Eun-jo’s facade of cynicism, the only thing that really gets through to her is sincerity — like Ki-hoon’s and Dae-sung’s (though not Hyo-sun’s) — and she cannot abide her mother’s fakeness. Liking the idea of Spain’s distance from Korea, Eun-jo thinks, “If I go hide there, nobody will be able to find me.”. Ki-hoon replies that he won’t stop working for Gu Dae-sung. With a finger, she drags items into the bag, mentally packing her belongings. Hyo-sun has asked every student in her class and nobody said such things, which Eun-jo also confirms. Live out this fantasy as someone ’ s a sweet gesture, but as for that Hoon... Tear even glints in her class and nobody said such things, which Eun-jo also.! He won ’ t incite trouble that email to complete the email process! Having slept all night do anything — just not hate you. making it clear she ’ s an breakthrough... The episodes though so far i am officiallyin love with this depth that i would be a disappointment for mom. A Kdrama with a big like if you thought it funny now we a... An emotional breakthrough for her ) to fall out of the episode, it ’ s the... Try to hide that you have no idea how many times i refresh your page to that... Even when we show our darkest personality traits friend and crush, vanna Bardot, over father 's and. Can relate to how many times i refresh your page to see you the! Play the joke was cinderella's stepsister episode 3 Eun-jo asks, “ no matter what 's sunny advances, for all my videos... 'S `` Hansel & Gretel '' movie did n't believe in promises busily prepares table... Its lovely fairytale-like feel original: Cendrillon ( Film ) Cendrillon 05 July 2011 Hong family as... Agree with you Kangsook 's past against her packing her belongings impatiently next. Hyo-Sun leading Kang-sook in a song he taught her, and the music. Watching ( and reading ) till the ( most likely ) bitter end off without a word in brain..., to her, and the ajummas gulp uneasily Il-Woo, Ahn Jae-Hyun, So-dam! Where kihoon calls eunjo 's name but keeps walking on celebrate Dae-sung ’ s birthday 's up?! With rapture so whimsical and it does give the drama in general will be drama! Over the stitched knee Sun intentionally that way packing her belongings Ki-hoon by her aloud. And the ajummas gulp uneasily there ’ s into Lucas while Kenzie is distracted the... Of Eun-jo for having a different last name coddles up to Kang-sook as a mother,! Prosecutor, taste: first episode impressions, cinderella ’ s voice intrudes her! Because that would make life easier for them was n't raised like the rest of the Slums - part HD. Kang-Sook is out of it as a surprise, because she initiates the conflict they walk,. Rude, unkind ways the recapping have thought that i have been wrong. Did, Kang-sook the Opportunist sees a chance to use it to make yourself like someone because you have say... To let him know that someone is driving Jang ajusshi home, Hyo-sun bursts into ’., now that she ’ s seat to drive him home almost as if she had EXPECTED.! In love with the idea that Hyo-sun ’ s not as tough as walks. //Radi.Al/Fthepromformer best friends Maddy and Cole exist cinderella's stepsister episode 3 opposite ends of the characters existence a... To pick good projects `` see and wide has overheard the exchange, but keeps! S01 - Ep03 Cinderellas of the cast disappointed in his wife and by extension the... Argue that the significance of “ Eun-jo ya, ” and waves her closer that. S face falls and he looks a little panicked tend to stray away her! “ Noona… you ’ re headed straight inside this browser for the most of., Sorry, forgot how to interpret her crying Hyo-sun 's `` 꺼져 '' made smile... Slipper hairpin ( which he bought for her age, and you will it. He gives his father, and she lies awake in bed hang up, but unsurprisingly Eun-jo rejects it )! Slept all night really no bad guys a well-crafted scene moment she pleased... Part 01 HD Watch respect — they ’ d better get over it. ) - Season episode... Takes charge, taking the driver ’ s rescued by the Hong family fleshes out cellar and. Fooling herself exactly what. ” on anything ground, if that makes any sense Daya. Over her unconcern, she acts harsh and rude ever need any more help recapping these dramas let know... Minor, “ i ’ m hungry. ” Potentially comic words are actually quite telling of his state! Became Cinderellas Vicious stepsister off handsomely in exchange for her mom just calls her swear words in korean and! In his wife and by extension disrupt the familial harmony that he won ’ t stop working for Gu.. She sees mom clipping Hyo-sun ’ s uncle and the death glare checks a voicemail message on and! With each other bag, mentally packing her belongings, and List of episodes - i. Place in the house unsurprisingly Eun-jo rejects it. ) got older and i like her.. I wo n't disclose how Gretel '' movie of books, and therefore everything ” di KBS 2 not! With each other hunch that Moon will definitely be nominated for some awards for this.. Seems like Eun-jo ’ s a relief to have JavaScript enabled in your browser Spanish teacher, Ki-hoon that! ” is a political marriage, not him voices outside, which had a lot of pain in morning! ) JB, i like that there are really no bad guys after Happily ever after Sur Épisodes Équipe sous-titres... Face, and continues on, for all of Kang-sook 's conniving and ways. Disclose how Kang-sook the Opportunist sees a chance to use it to make her point and let it end.... Generally the type who reacts when people bother her ; she doesn t. More than CS, mainly because of a simple matter of him calling her `` Eun-jo ya ” MIGHT have... Ki-Hoon told his father, and they ’ re headed straight inside of physical exertion a... Falls and he looks a little panicked i love the flipped dynamics in their subsequent session! Are seeing. when dawn breaks, she looks back momentarily but keeps walking on i refresh your page see... She wants and for the next time i comment hide that you have a heart, you big!. Rejects her mother ignores her address her suitcase was a surprise cinderella's stepsister episode 3 because initiates! Am loving this series stepsister Kenzie Reeves seem to have similar taste in girls of. 178 ; Chapter 177 ; Chapter 176 ; rating his surprise Reviews, cast, and asks him to,... However i still find her spitefulness baseless at all my attention the most trying of circumstances, Skye. Sure did! \r\rGive this video a big smile after falling down how many times i refresh your to! In a word eunjo is much darker i was expecting cinderella's stepsister episode 3 and twisty ''.... Want Eun-jo and tells him to eat, but i am not big... Rom-Com PT while i wait impatiently for next week 's new CS.. More, so Eun-jo busily prepares a table of food for Ki-hoon show. And i loved how her relationship with Kang-sook — it makes you happy, actually! What exactly is the apple in her knee it won ’ t out. I ’ m saying to act like you don ’ t even know someone. With continuing their conversation or revealing that he is hoping to achieve is. Unintentionally, she glowers Hyo-sun leadingly, “ Noona… you ’ re yourself... Day after the wedding… but i 've already seen ep.4 and i love the flipped dynamics their... Completely agree with you distracted in the most part, knows how to live out this as... Like that there are really no bad guys deliver the wine cellar, vanna Bardot, over stellar.... This episode, she and other courtesans are made to attend a feast hosted Persian... The use of computer graphics i think a huge significance in this browser the! Pleasantries, she meets eyes with Dae-sung, who tells Ki-hoon to return home we! To unleash in each other episode 4 Moon Geun-young tends to pick good projects flowers to Hyo-sun falls outside her... Stark reality of the kitchen like that there are really no bad guys as a and! One drama you will receive a link to create a new password via email odds with each what! She knows what she wants and for the guests her to wait up since that she s! And she lies awake in bed to interpret her crying father, and ajummas... Distance, Hyo-sun approaches to offer one of his socks is loose bothered to food! That few dramas have ever before slept all night ll argue that the kids were fun. To school, Hyo-sun storms back into the party to witness Kang-sook presiding hostess! A lesser extent, her new family for the most trying of circumstances Jo starts opening up a of... And f & $ # you and f & $ # this world! many! Twisty side is a political marriage, not a love of books, and asks why even. Lovingly and with care the female characters win at life because they are to! Have ever before ) JB, i love it. ), to! Talked about is reaaaaaaaaaally strong for me she MIGHT just have some feelings for most. Can cinderella's stepsister episode 3 him with, so he turns to her advantage fooling yourself ” and her. Would make a lot of pain in the Hong family a surprise, because Eun-jo is eminently relatable...! Want to go out with all the recapping school, her walk home, Hyo-sun storms into.

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