The CK LW 13/1 Roam


Even with the Battery in the Unit, this Machine Only Weighs 11 pounds


44V Lithium Ion battery provides users with a run time of up to 50 minutes

Battery fully charges in just under two hours

Interchangeable battery allows you to swap out the drained battery with a fully charged one

Roam Free throughout your building without being tethered by a cord

Clean Any Space Any Time of Day


Additional Features

  • Whisper-quiet at less than
  • 70 dB Clean over 3100 sqft on a single charge
  • LED headlight for better sight under objects
  • Ultra-light at just 11 pounds
  • Circuit breaker motor protection
  • Quick charge time at less than 2 hours
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Simple on/o switch located on handle

Clean Noise Sensitive Facilities Anytime With a dB Rating Below 70

LED Headlight

Ultra-bright LED headlight

provides users with the ability

to see under tight, dark spaces