The BD 40/66 and BR 40/66

Advanced Engineering and Heavy-Duty Design

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Tornado’s new BD 40/66 and BR 40/66 ride-on scrubbers not only further extend our auto-scrubber offering, but is designed to meet the toughest cleaning applications. Available in disc and cylindrical options, with 66 gallon recovery tanks and a heavy-duty body design, these scrubbers are the answer to your toughest cleaning challenges.

About the BR 40/66

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 9.19.23 AM Key Features

  • Pre-sweep tray comes standard for small debris pick-up
  • Ideal for large areas, warehouses, manufacturing, healthcare and education facilities
  • Advanced engineering in the interactive display
  • Integrated side brush with its own water supply
  • Powerful dual vacuum motor system

The environmentally preferred BR 40/66 offers the latest modern enhancement—cylindrical brush technology. The use of cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture cleaning design and deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 933 RPM and 4-6 times more contact pressure than rotary brush scrubbing, handling any flat or structured floor surface with ease.

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About the BD 40/66

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 8.17.53 AMKey Features

  • 40 inch cleaning path
  • 62 gallon solution tank
  • Optional side-brush available for detailed wall cleaning
  • Automatic operation control mode and squeegee retraction when in reverse
  • Heavy-Duty industrial design allowing these units to tackle the toughest environments

The automatic operations of the BD 40/66 and heavy duty frame are perfect for industrial cleaning facilities. The BD 40/66 comes standard with high performance options such as a long life, heavy duty battery pack, a safety seat switch that only allows the machine to operate with an operator on the unit, a roll bar with amber safety strobe light, break wash mode, two speed selection switch and much more!

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A Complete Arsenal of Amazing Features

Cleaning With Auto Pilot

When put into the AUTO position, the BR and BD 40/66 will automatically lower their brushes and squeegee. As the unit then moves forward the brushes begin to turn, the solenoid valve is opened, and the vacuum system turns on.

Dual-Vacuum Motors

dual_vac_150These units incorporate dual-vacuum motors to ensure complete solution recovery. As well, the BR & BD 40/66 include a large evacuation plate to ensure operators can easily clean out the solution tank.

Automatic Mode

automaticmode_150pxAutomatic mode starts all necessary operations of the scrubber once it is turned on, making operation effortless.

Sustainability with Cylindrical Brush

cylindrical_brush150The use of cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture cleaning design and deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 933 RPM—over six times higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers.

Innovative Electrical Control System

operator_150pxFor effortless operation, Tornado’s ride-on BD 40/66 and BR 40/66 units offer an automatic mode which will start all necessary operations of the scrubber once it is turned on. This system gradually starts all of the motors and constantly controls the operation parameters to guarantee longer run-time and reliability. When in reverse, this machine includes an automatic squeegee retraction feature.

Additional Information

brochure_cover300The BR and BD 40/66 Ride-on scrubbers are a great solution for any industrial facility between 100,000 sq ft and 500,000 sqft, or similar sized facilities within the education and healthcare markets. Use the form on the right to schedule a product demonstration in your facility.

One of the benefits of the 40/66 is the short time required train an operator to use the AUTO function. The AUTO function does it all for you while the MAN allows for various other types of cleaning, i.e. double scrub functions. The BREAK WASH allows for transport of the machine without having to use any other functions.

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