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30 Mar

Make Even Your Newest Employees a Day-One Pro

Turnover. Trust us, you’re not the only one dealing with this problem. According to a recent industry survey, the average turnover rate in the cleaning industry is a whopping 200%, which essentially boils down to hiring an entire workforce twice per year. This can not only affect team morale, but recruiting, onboarding, and training new

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10 Jul

Ten Tips for Cleaning Schools Over the Summer Break

For custodial workers, the summer months can actually be some of the busiest and most important months when it comes to school cleaning. There is only so much they can do in a limited amount of time, so it is crucial to do their best cleaning while they can. To help simplify the process, Tornado

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18 Jun

Dealing With Mold In Schools

Does your school building always smell bad? Do students walk into your classroom and start sneezing on queue? Students and teachers have heavy demands on their minds every day, yet there are added hidden forces that affect the learning process in far too many schools today. Mold may seem like a daunting foe, but there

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04 Jun

Green Cleaning In Your School

There are billions of commercial square footage (school, office, medical, etc.) in the United States. Most of these floors have to be maintained on a regular basis, especially in school facilities. With Summer upon us, it is a good time to emphasize the importance of a few facets of green cleaning for your school. Proper green

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16 May

Getting the Most Out of Your Manual Sweeper

Keeping large areas free of debris and dirt has never been easier when you consider sweepers such as the Tornado SWM 31/9.  It is a simple system that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to sweep up your area. You can leave your broom in your janitor’s closet because it won’t compare to the

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08 May

The Floor Burnisher Advantage

Hard floor surfaces are made to withstand daily foot-traffic for a long time. Maintaining these floors are vital to their durability and appearance. So many options are available at the users’ disposal, but it takes time and research to discover what is right for your floor. Fortunately, Tornado Industries has a slew of machines ready

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25 Apr

Tips for Buying a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

It may seem fairly simple at first: just grab anything that will pick up that thing on the floor. If only it were that easy, especially for anyone who cleans floors on a daily basis. The reality is that, in order to vacuum efficiently, you need to know what options are available that can help

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Auto Scrubber 101
14 Mar

Auto Scrubbers 101

  Auto Scrubbers 101 A Quick Review of the Features and Benefits of Automatic Scrubbers Auto-scrubbers are some of the most useful and productive products in the cleaning industry. These machines are built for serious cleaning, yet they require important knowledge about best uses and applications. Tornado is here to give you a lesson in Auto

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29 Dec

5 Sales Strategies for the New Year

A new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your sales strategies. What went right in 2021 and what needs improvement? Take some time to think about ways you can do things different and better in the new year. If your sales approach could use a little shaking up, try these 5 strategies to create

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23 Dec

Preparing Your BSC for Sale

Ready to retire? Itching to leave the janitorial industry? In desperate need of a cash infusion? Selling your company may be the solution. Whether you’re a BSC looking to sell today or one day long into the future, there are steps you’ll need to take to make your business more appealing to buyers. Cashing in

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