Getting the Most Out of Your Manual Sweeper

Keeping large areas free of debris and dirt has never been easier when you consider sweepers such as the Tornado SWM 31/9.  It is a simple system that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to sweep up your area. You can leave your broom in your janitor’s closet because it won’t compare to the productivity of having a sweeper that will pick up and contain whatever is in front of your path. Here are a few ways that you can get the most out of your manual sweeper:

  1. Read the operator’s manual. Believe it or not, not all sweepers are the same; some will have functions or features not found on other machines. A few minutes reviewing the operator’s manual can make this cleaning task faster, safer, and more effective.
  2. Clear the area to be cleaned first. Instead of stopping to pick up chairs, tables, and other objects on the floor on an as-you-clean basis, pick everything up in the specific area to be cleaned before you start. This can reduce time and improve worker productivity significantly.
  3. Empty the collection container before it needs it. It is always a good policy to empty the sweeper before it gets too full. This can help keep the machine light, easy to maneuver, and simple to empty.
  4. Avoid moisture. In most cases, manually powered sweepers are designed to be used in dry areas. The brushes are typically designed to help collect dry soils, dirt, and dust. If they get wet, these contaminants may collect on the brushes, impeding their ability to collect and remove them.
  5. Sweep often. Using a manual sweeper can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to clean hard surface areas, inside and out. However, the more often an area is cleaned, the faster the task can be completed and the better the performance of the machine. Repetition and frequency in cleaning typically means the job gets easier and surfaces stay cleaner over time.

Your employees, customers, and friends will be amazed at the quality of your floor if you clean your space with a manual sweeper. No more kicking up dust and getting tired from pushing that old broom around!  Check out the the Tornado SWM 31/9 to automatically upgrade your facilities!