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Auto Scrubber 101
14 Mar

Auto Scrubbers 101

  Auto Scrubbers 101 A Quick Review of the Features and Benefits of Automatic Scrubbers Auto-scrubbers are some of the most useful and productive products in the cleaning industry. These machines are built for serious cleaning, yet they require important knowledge about best uses and applications. Tornado is here to give you a lesson in Auto

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23 Dec

Preparing Your BSC for Sale

Ready to retire? Itching to leave the janitorial industry? In desperate need of a cash infusion? Selling your company may be the solution. Whether you’re a BSC looking to sell today or one day long into the future, there are steps you’ll need to take to make your business more appealing to buyers. Cashing in

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20 Dec

The Pros and Cons of Team Cleaning

If you are not utilizing team cleaning, your facility may find it beneficial to consider the pros and cons of this approach. Traditionally, zone cleaning has been the norm for cleaning professionals, but team cleaning offers advantages that are hard to ignore.  Zone cleaning means one employee cleans a specific, assigned area. It could be

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15 Nov

Discounting is Slowly Killing Your Business

It’s the end of the quarter and sales have been sluggish. Desperate to up their take-home pay, your reps start cutting prices to incentivize customers to buy more or sooner than planned. Sound familiar? A little back-and-forth on pricing is normal between salespeople and customers. When discounting goes unchecked and begins to pervade your company

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