The Floor Burnisher Advantage

Hard floor surfaces are made to withstand daily foot-traffic for a long time. Maintaining these floors are vital to their durability and appearance. So many options are available at the users’ disposal, but it takes time and research to discover what is right for your floor. Fortunately, Tornado Industries has a slew of machines ready to tackle the varied needs out in the field today. Let’s consider some of the different applications and advantages that a floor burnisher has over conventional floor machines.

The vast majority of schools today have a variety of flooring, especially when you consider the classrooms, hallways, cafeterias and gymnasiums. With school budgets as tight as they are today, every investment made to maintaining your building is critical. The thought of adding a high-speed burnisher to a school’s cleaning arsenal may not be something many school administrators are considering at this time.  However, these machines are a key component for cleaning and buffing hard floors. Administrators should be aware that a burnisher can actually reduce the cost of hard surface floor maintenance, along with other benefits. In other words, it may cost more upfront, but in the long run it saves more.

Conventional floor machines have been used for decades, but those aren’t always the solution to polishing large areas. By choosing a burnisher such as Tornado’s Brute Force High Speed Glazer, which generates 2000 rpms, you will find immediate time and money savings. Burnishers provide the advantage of almost 5 times times the RPM speeds of a traditional floor machine. Because burnishing a floor is so much more economical than using a conventional buffer, the floors can actually be cleaned more often. This makes a school’s floors and the entire facility look cleaner and healthier.

But what are some of the other advantages of selecting a burnisher? Here are just a few:

Overall facility image: Although this was already referenced, it cannot be understated. Clean, shiny floors make every facility flourish.

Safety: Floors that are well-maintained are safer. Regular floor burnishing promotes safety.

Compatible finishes: The floor finishes designed for burnishers are high luster finishes. They provide a higher gloss than can be achieved with a conventional buffer.

Ergonomics: Surprisingly, a burnisher can be easier to use than a conventional floor machine. With proper training, operators find that a burnisher glides over a floor with less stress and strain compared to slower floor machines.

Power choices: Cordless burnishers, such as Tornado’s Battery Glazer 17, offer greater flexibility and are perfect for Day Cleaning situations. These units are exceptionally quiet and there is no cord that could cause a safety concern.

Large areas cleaned in minimal time: This is so important and it needs repeating- burnishers can clean and shine large floor areas in minimal time. This reduces operating costs and frees up custodial workers to perform other school cleaning tasks—helping to stretch a school’s cleaning budget.

In order to maximize the life of your facilities, you need to invest in equipment that will last just as long. When your consider your facilities- whether it be a school building or otherwise- understanding the advantages of a floor burnisher will help you make the best investment for your building maintenance. Tornado Industries offers a wide variety of floor machines and burnishers, so check out the selection today!