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25 Oct

10 Ways to Wow Your Clients

In the crowded BSC marketplace, it’s not enough to just deliver on the specs of an RFP and walk away. To stand out from the competition, you need to awe clients by going above and beyond expectations. Here are 10 tactics to help you leave a lasting impression and earn long-term and repeat business. 1.

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18 Oct

The Pros & Cons of Various Jan/San Suppliers

Buyers of janitorial products have more choices than ever, both in what’s available to them and in where they can shop. Just two decades ago, local janitorial suppliers dominated the landscape. Today, traditional mom-and-pop distributors compete with national firms, big-box stores, and online resources like Amazon. It’s no surprise retail giants are taking an interest

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11 Oct

Spotlight: American Institute for Cleaning Sciences

As part of our series on “Industry Influencers” including the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), the Green Building Council, and others, we’re pleased to turn the Spotlight on the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS). Are you a BSC facing declining profit margins? A facility or housekeeping manager struggling with inconsistent cleaning results? Have your

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04 Oct

Marketing Yourself as Green

You know environmentally friendly cleaning is here to stay, and you’ve made some big changes in how your company operates so you can tap into the growing green market. Now, how do you let customers know your commitment to sustainability is more than a passing fad? Follow this 8-step action plan. 1. Define it. “Green”

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30 Sep

Trends in K-12 Cleaning: A Shift to Outsourcing

Summer has given way to autumn, which means children across the country have returned to school. The kids returned to spotless buildings thanks to deep cleanings performed during the lengthy break, and now janitors working hard to maintain that appearance level for the entire school year. It’s the same story every year, of course, but

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07 Sep

7 Reasons to Consider Micro Scrubbers

Cleaning floors with a mop and bucket can be a tiresome task, but to some facilities managers, makes the most sense for their cleaning needs due to their facility’s compact spaces. In order to offer easier, more productive cleaning methods, floor care manufacturers developed a new category of compact scrubbers called “micro scrubbers”. A micro

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30 Aug

Microfiber: The Green Choice

Green cleaning programs are becoming commonplace and, in some parts of the country, even standard practice. More buildings than ever are earning LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, and BSCs are joining the environmental movement in droves. When it comes to “going green,” microfiber plays a critical role. Made from a polyester-nylon blend,

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23 Aug

Odor Control in the Age of Fragrance-Free Products

Controlling odors is a baseline expectation for housekeeping and facility management, but it can present a complex challenge. In the past, foul odors could be easily masked with a strong air freshener or other scented product. It’s not so easy these days. Many facilities now place an emphasis on environmentally friendly and green cleaning methods

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16 Aug

Quiet Down: A Sound Approach to Reducing Noise Pollution

When you think about protecting the environment, sound is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But noise pollution is a serious issue with genuine health, safety, and quality-of-life implications for everyone in a building. Environmentally friendly facilities are a hot topic, and programs to reduce waste, cut down chemical use, and improve

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29 Jun

Back to Basics: 10 Essentials of a Janitorial Closet

For the last several months, we’ve discussed important trends affecting the janitorial industry, from the Affordable Care Act to automation. Today we thought it might be useful to go back to the basics. Are you a BSC or housekeeping manager who prefers not to be first to invest in a shiny new (untested) product? Your

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