7 Reasons to Consider Micro Scrubbers

Cleaning floors with a mop and bucket can be a tiresome task, but to some facilities managers, makes the most sense for their cleaning needs due to their facility’s compact spaces. In order to offer easier, more productive cleaning methods, floor care manufacturers developed a new category of compact scrubbers called “micro scrubbers”. A micro scrubber is any compact scrubber whose width does not exceed 17”. Smaller in shape and capacity, these mini machines replace mop-and-bucket cleaning to get into tight spaces that a traditional 20-inch or larger scrubber isn’t efficient or effective in, such as locker rooms, cafeterias, and classrooms.

Still a young technology, micro scrubbers are growing in popularity. If you’ve not yet invested in a compact scrubber, here are seven reasons it might be a good fit for your operation:

  1. Affordable. A smaller footprint comes with a smaller price tag than a traditional full-size scrubber. Although more expensive than mops, micro scrubbers can cut cleaning times by 50 to 150 percent! With drastically reduced cleaning times, the amount of money you save on labor will quickly offset the initial investment of the scrubber and eventually earn you more money on your bottom line.
  2. Effective. Scrubbers put down cleaning solution, agitate it, and then immediately vacuum up the dirty water. This process leaves floors cleaner than a mop, which glides over the floor surface and simply pushes around dirt and grime instead of recovering it, leaving your floors not only dirty but wet too.
  3. Precise. Swinging around a mop inevitably leads to flinging dirty water at baseboards, creating an additional cleaning step for you and your team. Mops also leave dirty water in the grout lines of tiled flooring which not only looks bad, but can decease the life of your flooring. With micro scrubbers, you clean the floor surface and grout lines entirely while recovering dirty water without spreading it around to clean areas on the floor and baseboards.
  4. Easy to use. Compact scrubbers are incredibly easy to use! Their minimalist design makes them simple to operate (just turn them on and go!) which decreases training times and thus reduces your expenses.
  5. Ergonomic. Mopping involves filling, pulling, and dumping a water bucket, as well as swinging and wringing out a heavy wet mop. It’s no wonder that wet mopping is one of the leading causes of repetitive motion injuries (and worker’s compensation claims) among janitors. A scrubber eliminates those uncomfortable movements.
  6. Safer. By vacuuming up soiled water, micro scrubbers leave floors dry. Mops always leave at least some water behind, which poses a serious (and potentially costly) slip-and-fall hazard.
  7. Storage Friendly. For in-house cleaning crews, this pint-sized machine doesn’t take up much space in a janitor’s closet. For BSCs, the lightweight and small machine is easy to move from location to location.