Tornado’s Newest Product Additions

In 2015, Coca-Cola™ produced the first bottles made entirely from plants. As well, Apple™ produced a line of 100% beryllium free products. Each year, companies around the world strive to manufacture a better, more sustainable and user friendly product than their previous efforts.

Tornado Industries is a leading manufacturer of sustainable cleaning equipment. Like Coca-Cola™, Apple™, and other market leaders, our newest products bring significant improvement in quality and sustainability to the industry.

Meet Tornado’s newest product additions.


Two New Scrubbers in our Award-Winning Line-up

The BR 40/66 and BD 40/66

Tornado’s new BD 40/66 and BR 40/66 ride-on scrubbers not only further extends our ride-on offering, but offer heavy-Duty design, advanced engineering and unsurpassed performance to solve your toughest cleaning challenges.


What You Need to Know

  • Disc and cylindrical models available
  • 40 inch cleaning path
  • 62 gal. solution tank and 66 gal. recovery tank
  • Automatic operation control mode and squeegee retraction when in reverse
  • Heavy-Duty industrial design allowing these units to tackle the toughest environments
  • 36 Volt Battery
  • 51 inch Squeegee Width

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The New BD 32/26

A Whisper Quiet, Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber

The BD 32/26 is a new addition to Tornado’s large, walk-behind scrubbers that offer superior cleaning performance, large capacity solution tanks and innovative features that help increase building occupants health and safety.


What You Need to Know

    • Large walk-behind unit suited for grocery stores, large retail facilities, schools, industrial facilities and hospitals
    • Simple operator interface
    • 32 inch cleaning path
    • 26 gallon solution tank
    • Whisper Quiet 67 dB
    • Built-in safety feature that helps to avoid work-related accidents

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Meet Your New Room-Mate

Effortless Operation and Maximum Productivity

Designed specifically for use in apartments, hotel rooms, or similar applications, Tornado’s Room-Mate portable carpet extractor is perfect for everything from interim maintenance to deep restoration cleaning. Whether you’re a certified carpet technician, carpet cleaning specialist, or a member of the maintenance team, you will appreciate the smart features and convenience this unit offers.


What You Need to Know

    • No solution tank means quick set-up and easy operation.
    • Dump valve set at ADA standard toilet height, allowing for quick and easy draining of recovery tank.
    • 50 feet of hose ships standard.
    • Compact size for simple transport and maneuverability.
    • Large “stair climbing” wheels and front mount carrying handle to maneuver up and down stairs.

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The OB 20: A New Generation of Floor Machine

Removing Floor Finish without the use of Chemicals

The OB 20 from Tornado takes traditional floor machine operation to the next generation. This unit moves away from the traditional disc style to a square pad with high-end features including a durable ¾ inch think epoxy coated steel frame, 180 lbs. of down pressure, 3,530 RPM running speed and an extremely low decibel level the. All of this allows our OB 20 to excel at cleaning multiple hard floor types in a wide range of cleaning applications.


What You Need to Know

  • 3,530 RPM pad speed for fast, deep cleaning
  • Chemical-free finish removal
  • Easy-to-use handle adjustment at the operator level
  • Whisper quiet 64 dB operation
  • Ensures operator safety with interlocking triggers, the machine only runs when the operator is ready
  • cETLus Approved

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The Pac-Vac 6 Roam

Unrivaled Comfort and Cordless Operation

With the Pac-Vac 6 Roam from Tornado we are able to offer cleaning professionals something they have been looking for, a battery operated back pack vacuum with unrivaled comfort. No longer tied to a power cord, team members can clean larger spaces quicker and more efficiently than traditional back-pack vacuums.


What You Need to Know

  • Powered by Samsung® lithium battery technology, the Pac-Vac 6 Roam:
  • Runs continuously for almost an hour on a single charge.
  • Provides a color-coded display indicating the battery status.
  • Batteries can be easily changed without taking the unit off of the operator’s back.
  • Allows for opportunity charging

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